How to include images info to XML Sitemap file

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Once you’ve created a website you should think of driving traffic to it. You can come up with anything to attract people to your website. You begin to dig the internet, read “drive traffic” articles, try them, invent and try new methods, some of them work, some don’t, again come up with new ideas and so on.  And naturally the number of visitors to your site is always low.

One of such known techniques is creation of XML sitemap and its submission to Google.  With help of this Google indexes the webpage faster, consequently keeping more pages from your site in its cache, ready to present those to your potential visitors at any second.  The importance of XML sitemap is long ago tested and proven, though there were some opinions of skeptics, according to which, its vice-a-versa and XML could even harm websites.  However, all those opinions were finally and once for all proven wrong.

It was not by accident that I spoke about the usability of XML Sitemap, thus now I am going to talk about one of its type – Images Sitemap’s efficacy.

You have probably noticed that the traffic to your site was brought not only by the Google’s search results, but also from Google Image’s search results.  People attempting to find a picture, can find it on your website. So, have you ever considered that you could bring more traffic to your website with the help of images? That is, to somehow help Google to index more pictures from your website, so that in the future more people find pictures on there and become your website visitors. There hasn’t been such an opportunity until now; it was only left to hope that Google would index the images. But now, Google declared that it is possible to add images to your existing sitemap. Earlier, when there was an image URL in your sitemap, Google was complaining about it in webmastertools, instead, now even encourages it. Consequently, a question arises-how to add an image in your already created sitemap?. Of course, you may open a Sitemap file and manually add that information, using text editor and learning XML language. But what if there are more than 100 or 1000 URLs? In this case, of course, this process needs to be automated. The most optimal solution is to search for third party tools for inclusion of images info to XML sitemap file.

I’m using Sitemap Writer Pro, but it’s up to you which program to use.


Automatic creation of Google Images Sitemap

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In the previous post we tried to understand how to include images info to XML sitemap and came to a conclusion that a third party tools are most effective in case the website has many images.

Looking for appropriate tools and trying to find programs that create nearly 5 or more types (not that much of them) of sitemaps I stopped on Sitemap Writer Pro program. There I found a very useful tool, which lets you add images to previously created Sitemap.

The usage is quite simple.

1. Download the program from the following location:


2. Install the program and set to work.

3. Click on Open button and select your sitemap file.

4. In the opened Sitemap Type menu pick Google Images and click OK. (We see our URL list and empty information- Quantity, Image location URL, Caption, etc in front of it. This all concerns the image information.)

5. And now, the most magical moment. By clicking Ctrl+A, we select all the page of the sitemap and click on add Image button. The program automatically starts adding all the pictures of each page to a Sitemap file.

Here, we’ll see that the program is adding design elements also, which are quite unnecessary for us. For that, there are few parameters offered, with help of which you may add only images that are indeed are necessary.

This illustration is taken from a specific website, which shows the first-rate traffic from Google images.


Create Google Image Sitemap using Standard XML Sitemap

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We have already spoken of “magical” prospects of a third party tool like Sitemap Writer Pro and about its unique advantage of adding images to previously created sitemap affirmed with bright consequences. But that’s just not it…   Program also offers a way to create Google Image Sitemap, using Standard XML Sitemap.

And here’s how you do it:

  1. After downloading, installing and setting the program to work, Go to Project, navigate to Open button and click on Open File from Internet.
  2. Enter the Sitemap File URL:  http://example/sitemap.xml and click Open button.
  3. From the Dialogue box, choose Google Images and press OK.
  4. Now, a list of URL appeared. From the Menu bar click on Images, in order to add image information to the Sitemap.
  5. From the opened window you can set the Google Crawlers Quantity (max. 20).
  6. You can also set filters (Include, Exclude) to choose the URLs from which the images will be taken.
    Let’s bring an example on WordPress. In case if you want to include only posts which contain images, you must set Include filter on the following: [0-9]{4}/[0-9]{2}/.*?\.html and make sure to select Use as RegEx option, Preview Filtered URLs and you are ready to Start the crawling process.

  7. Done, all nice and neat. Now you can see the list of Google Image sitemap URLs.
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